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Client Testimonials

"Nick & Heather, thank you for all the help from the beginning to end. You guys were awesome. You and your team helped us put out fire after fire once again and saved us money and time. Your entire whole team has been awesome to work with. I hope this application process goes well for us and we can work on future applications together as well."

- Joe Y. and Jason K. - Chula Vista Applicants

"I have Green Wise to thank for securing the first cannabis dispensary permit in Ukiah. We succeeded because Pamela Epstein and her team went above and beyond the requirements, creating an application that was operational, thorough and compliant. The Police Chief loved our Security Plan. When it came to the Planning Commission Meeting, Pamela represented Ukiah Valley Holistic with flying colors. Green Wise worked in conjunction with the city to assure Ukiah Valley Holistic would be the most appealing application in the running. Even if we didn’t get the permit, I would still work with Green Wise because of their work product. For the project we are currently working on, I told my partners, we must use Green Wise. After 15 years of dealing with countless Cannabis Attorneys, I can say Green Wise is the best."

- Laila Ekmekjian, Cannavine

"Since day one, Green Wise has been an integral part of my team, across all of my businesses. Garden of Eden, Honeycomb Farms and Eden Infusions are in compliance, let alone existence, thanks to Pamela, Samantha, and their team. I’ve never met a group of people who works this hard to find creative solutions and work with city councils to create the best Cannabis businesses for not just me, but for all of California. They work hard and they care. What more could you ask for?"

- Shareef El-Sissi, Garden of Eden, Eden Infusions, Honeycomb Farms, TREEZ

"Green Wise Consulting has the expertise of understanding all the California cannabis rules and regulation due their incredible and knowledgeable staff of attorneys. They are informative, professional, supportive, in my case, very educational and represented us with the utmost skill. They are there for you at all hours of the day and night answering calls, emails and texts in a timely manner. We are very pleased with Green Wise Consulting and highly recommend them."

- Cathy Brown, Cannabis Based Entrepreneur

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