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The State of California continues to be a leader in the legalization of cannabis and remains among national leaders regarding the integration of commercial cannabis. The cannabis industry is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, and entrepreneurs and business owners have a unique opportunity to get involved during the early stages.

At Green Wise Consulting (GWC), we assist owners of retail dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturing operations, testing labs, distribution companies, microbusinesses, and other companies across the cannabis supply chain as they build and maintain their businesses. With our knowledge of the industry and our experience, our team can help you determine the best location for your cannabis business, taking into account state and local restrictions that address over-concentration of cannabis businesses, zoning, and sensitive-receptor buffers, among other limitations.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack - Due Diligence: Location

Selecting a site for your cannabis-related business is a complex process with many variables. Perhaps the most important factor is the type of licensed facility you wish to operate. A retail operation, such as a dispensary, should be located in a place that is visible and easily accessible, with sufficient parking, yet set back from sensitive use areas such as schools, day care centers, parks, and religious institutions. By comparison, a cultivation facility should have ideal environmental conditions for growing and will require more square footage, as well as access to the appropriate public utilities such as power and water. There are also limits in some areas regarding the number of cannabis businesses (the "concentration") that are allowed to operate within a certain area at any given time.

Our consultants will discuss your business plans so that you can develop a full understanding of your needs. From there, we will help you explore possible locations for your business. Once a site is identified and property rights negotiated, you will be required to obtain a permit from the local municipality prior to applying for your state license. GWC can assist you with all elements of your application packages, including environmental concerns, city and county approvals, and much more.

Sensitive Receptor Buffers

While public opinion and stigma regarding medicinal and adult-use cannabis have shifted dramatically in recent decades, the topic remains controversial. As a result, public health and safety is a driving factor behind many jurisdictions' decisions to ban or regulate and how aggressively to regulate. For instance, California state law prohibits cannabis businesses from operating within 600 feet of K-12 schools, day-care centers, or youth centers. Some local laws throughout the state have instituted even broader buffer zones between cannabis businesses and schools, as well as other "sensitive use" areas such as public parks, religious institutions, libraries, residential neighborhoods, and substance-abuse treatment centers. To those with less experience, it is easy to fall victim to "green zone" maps provided by municipalities that are often misleading, lag behind on zoning updates, or fail to provide further guidance beyond the initial zoning check – such as not disclosing that an area potentially zoned for cannabis is otherwise not viable due to an over-concentration issue or sensitive use within the area creating another buffer.

At GWC, we are fully up-to-date on sensitive use regulations, working with jurisdictions to craft ordinance language that accounts for preferred methods of measurement or refined definitions. We understand that such laws will have an effect on selecting the right location for your business. Our team can help you navigate the complex California regulatory framework when setting up your company and beyond. We are committed to protecting your cannabis business from day one.

Contact Us for Guidance

If you have questions about selecting a site for your cannabis business, contact our office for the answers. Call 323-645-7669 for an appointment and let GWC lay the groundwork so your business can thrive.

GWC is not a law firm and does not provide any legal advice or representation. Green Wise Legal, P.C. is a related entity with overlapping partial common ownership that offers a full range of cannabis business-related legal services.

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